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Law Alumni Association Board of Directors

The College would like to thank those individuals that dedicate their time to serve on the Law Alumni Association Board of Directors.


Law Alumni Board

Noelle Holladay True '00, Chair Shaye Johnson '05
Earl F. Hamm, Jr. '99, Past Chair W. Douglas Kemper '93
Stephen Milner '05, Vice Chair Cole Maier '09
Janis Clark '85, Secretary Douglas McSwain '83
Shawn Chapman '02, Treasurer Joe Miller '02
Stefan Bing '12 Shaun Orme '93
Laura Crittenden '08 Gwen Pinson '00
Robert M. Croft '06  Cassie Stivers '00
Bill Cunningham '69  Christine Trout '02
Hugh Derek Hall '12 Penny Warren '79
Marshall R. Hixson '97  Jennifer Wilcox '00
Wendy Hyland '02 Erica Lee Williams '02
Christopher Jackson '12  

Are you interested in becoming a board member of the Law Alumni Association? Contact the Alumni Affairs Director at for more information.