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Law 915 Family Law



Family Law’s primary focus is the establishment and dissolution of legally binding “domestic” relationships. Historically, the paradigm relationship between adults has been marriage. We will study marriage and its dissolution extensively not only to understand the rights and responsibilities arising from marriage, but also to examine the social policy inherent in limiting certain rights and responsibilities only to the marital relationship. The parent-child relationship is also an important social relationship. We study establishing parentage (paternity), child custody, child support, and termination of parental rights and adoption to examine private disputes over children as well as the state’s right to interdict or reassign the parent-child relationship.

Professor Graham’s notes: I am very interested in the actual practice of family law. Many of the learning tasks in this course are oriented toward skills needed to practice family law in Kentucky. However, students who have no actual interest in family law should not take this course as bar preparation. There are no formal pre-requisites for the course but generally I think it ought to be a third year course. Family Law builds on many other disciplines – corporations, secured transactions, trusts and estates, etc. – and students who have a solid foundation in those courses will find the material much more accessible. 


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