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UK Rosenberg Law regularly admits transfer students each year. Applicants must apply online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Admission as a transfer student beyond the first semester of the second-year is rare, and will not typically be granted if you have completed more than 45 hours of law school work. Acceptance by the Admissions Committee in no way implies that all credits from another law school will be accepted for transfer credit.

Transfer application deadlines are:

  • June 1 for fall admission
  • December 1 for spring admission, and
  • May 1 for summer admission.

After applying, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application from UK Rosenberg Law giving you information on accessing the online status checker.

Transfer application requirements include:

  • Online application and $50.00 fee (via LSAC)
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions (via LSAC/CAS)
  • Official law school transcript (via UK Rosenberg Law Admissions)
  • Letter of Good Academic Standing (via UK Rosenberg Law Admissions)
  • Personal Statement addressing reasons for transfer (via LSAC)
  • At least 2 Letters of Recommendation (via LSAC)

A competitive transfer applicant should have a 2.7 or higher grade point average (GPA) with at least 25 hours of law school work. The Admissions Committee will consider your law school record, as well as all the other factors considered in an application for a first-year applicant.


Application and Fee

UK Rosenberg Law’s application fee is $50.00. By applying electronically and paying the application fee with a credit card via the LSAC website, your submission constitutes your certification of the truthfulness of the information contained in your application.


Undergraduate Transcripts

In order to apply to UK Rosenberg Law as a transfer student, you must be registered with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS). You must submit your transcripts through CAS, even if you attended UK as an undergraduate. If your CAS account is still active from your original law school application process, you may simply release your CAS report to UK Rosenberg Law.


Law School Transcript

For your transfer application to be complete, an official law school transcript including at least 25 graded credit hours of coursework must be sent directly to UK Rosenberg Law Admissions. If available, UK Rosenberg Law strongly prefers electronic versions of law school transcripts be emailed by the Registrar directly to: If an electronic version is not available, please have transcripts mailed by the Registrar directly to: UK Rosenberg Law Admissions, 620 S. Limestone St., Lexington, KY 40506-0048.


Letter of Good Academic Standing

For your transfer application to be complete, you must request a Letter of Good Academic Standing from the Dean/Associate Dean of your current law school with class rank. The Letter of Good Academic Standing should be written on official letterhead, signed, and emailed by the Dean/Associate Dean as a PDF document directly to:


Personal Statement

You must submit a personal statement, written by you, in accordance with the instructions on the application. This statement must include the reason(s) why you are applying as a transfer student. The statement will be used both as a sample of your writing ability and for its insights into your background, goals, and potential for enriching the UK Rosenberg Law's academic environment. Your personal statement should be in 11-12 point font, single-spaced (double-spaced between paragraphs) and a maximum of 3 pages in length.


Letters of Recommendation

The Admissions Committee requires you provide at least 2 letters of recommendation from persons with personal knowledge of your abilities and qualifications to study law. It is highly preferred that one (1) letter of recommendation be from law school faculty. Letters of recommendation must be submitted through LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation Service.



Please submit a copy of your resume with your application. Resumes are now required.


Transfer Credits

Acceptance by the Admissions Committee in no way implies that all credits from another law school will be accepted for transfer credit. Candidates admitted to UK Rosenberg Law as transfer students may receive credit for up to 45 hours of work completed at their previous law school. UK Rosenberg Law accepts credits, but not grades. These credits are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who reviews the transcript, makes the determination, and notifies students before they enroll what courses will be accepted for transfer credit. The criteria for transfer credit includes:

  • The student must have received a grade of “C” or better (or equivalent) in the courses from the original ABA-approved law school.
  • The courses must be either typical first-year courses or law school courses in which an upper level student would receive credit at UK Law.
  • Work completed at the previous law school is generally accepted at the credit value awarded at the previous school.

The first-year curriculum at the previous law school must generally satisfy the first-year curriculum at UK Rosenberg Law. If it does not, first-year courses must be taken at UK Rosenberg Law to successfully complete the UK Rosenberg Law required curriculum. Transfer students may be asked to supply copies of syllabi or law school catalog descriptions to assist in this determination.


Articulation Agreements

UK Rosenberg Law does not have an articulation agreement with any other law school regarding transfer arrangements.