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Law Alumni Association


The University of Kentucky Rosenberg College of Law Alumni Association purpose is to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the Rosenberg College of Law. The Board of Directors, comprised of College of Law alumni, governs the Association by setting policy, providing guidance to the Association's programs and activities, and by representing the interests of the alumni to the College.  Service on the Board of Directors is open to any interested alumnus maintaining active status which includes a $75 contribution to Law Alumni Association Student Support Fund*.


The Law Alumni Association plays a necessary role in the life of the College. As every graduate is now considered a member of the LAA, we will collectively work to strengthen our bonds with each other and with the College’s current students. To that end, the Law Alumni Association Student Support Fund was established in 2020 to be the main source of fundraising for the LAA and its mission. Donations to this fund sponsor a variety of needs including Bar Exam lunches, the Alumni Hall of Fame & Awards Program, reunions, and alumni receptions that bring together our graduates, current students, and faculty. Every gift helps to support our mission and vision. You can support the Law Alumni Association Student Support Fund here.


Mission Statement:  To champion a life-long relationship between the Rosenberg College of Law and its alumni.


Vision Statement:  The Rosenberg College of Law Alumni Association is a dynamic organization that is recognized as a valuable resource by the Rosenberg College of Law community.  A dedicated Board of Directors will partner effectively with the Rosenberg College of Law leadership and staff as appropriate to offer programs that foster college traditions and perpetuate a life-long involvement with the Rosenberg College of Law.



2020 Law Alumni Association Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Jan Clark – Chair

Shaye Johnson – Vice Chair

Stephen Milner – Immediate Past Chair

Laura Tipton - Secretary

Laurel Hostetter – Treasurer


Board Members

Roula Allouch

Heather Brooks

David Bryant

Kyle Bunnell

Susan Clary

Elizabeth Combs

Melanie Kilpatrick

Cole Adams Maier

Katherine Paisley

Gwen Pinson

Andre Rickman

Cassie Stivers

Jill Suwanski

Whitney Waters



*Active membership in the LAA is extended to recent graduates at a reduced donation of $25 to the Support Fund. All life memberships will be grandfathered-in and recognized as active memberships under this new membership model.