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Legacy Program

As graduation looms for our 3L students many of them begin to reflect on their time at UK Law. They remember participating on one of the most successful Moot Court Teams in the country. They picture the long hours of studying to ensure that they succeed at the top legal institution in the Commonwealth. They have fond memories of the outstanding faculty who have helped them along the way. Many will think of Barrister’s Ball and tailgates.  No matter what comes to mind, they all have memories that will last a lifetime and they know they are an integral part of the UK Law family. The Legacy Program was established in 2015 as an opportunity for current students at the College of Law to pay it forward and ensure that another student will have their own memorable years at UK Law.

Current students as future alumni are an integral part in ensuring that UK Law thrives. When students give back, they stand with the UK Law family and continue a tradition of fond memories for many students to come.


What is the Legacy Program?

The Legacy Program is a Class Giving Program through which 3L students are able to show their appreciation for their education and experiences at UK Law. In participating, 3L students continue the long tradition of alumni support at UK Law and ensure that future students have the same outstanding experience that they had.


Why should I participate in the Legacy Program?

The Legacy Program allows each graduating class to give back to UK Law. Tuition only covers 70% of the cost of a UK Law education. The difference is covered by the generosity of alumni and friends of the College of Law. By participating, you acknowledge their generosity and set a trend for future students. You also continue to make it possible for students across the country to obtain an outstanding education at UK Law.


How will my donation be used?

The Class of 2015 has voted that their class gift support purchasing artwork for the Limestone entrance lobby at the College of Law.  


I cannot make a large donation. Will my gift really make a difference?

Of course! All gifts are meaningful and your participation is just as important as your gift’s monetary amount. High class participation shows other alumni, firms, businesses, and prospective students that recent graduates are committed to the continued success of UK Law.


What are the goals of the Legacy Program?

Class participation is the most important part of the program. We want each member of the 3L class to join the loyal alumni who support UK Law. Your class gift officers have also set a monetary goal of $2015 in honor of the graduation year.


How much should I give?

Members of the Class of 2015 are encouraged to make a minimum gift of $20.15. We understand that all students have varying capacities to give. Please make a gift at a level that is comfortable to you.


How can I give?

There are a few different options for giving.

1. Gifts can be brought to Room 237 in the Law Building

2. You can make an online gift at

* Please note that if you are giving online, you need to designate the Legacy Program in the comment section.

3. Make your gift at any Legacy Program event.

4. You can make a 3-year pledge to the Class Gift. Pledge cards can be picked up in Room 237 and should be returned in the same fashion as cash or checks. Note that pledges are expected to be paid on an annual basis and a reminder will be sent to you via the UK Development Office.