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UK College of Law Alumni Awards

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award may be bestowed upon an individual who graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law 50 or more years ago, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in his or her profession and/or community, and made a positive impact on the well-being of the UK College of Law, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or elsewhere in the nation.

Distinguished Jurist Award

Nominee must have distinguished himself or herself through a contribution of outstanding service to the legal profession. This service can be in the form of undertaking a specific civic or community project which brings honor to the profession, and/or encourages creative ways to deal with specific identified issues involved in the administration of justice, either in his or her local community, state, or nation.

Nominee must demonstrate a high standard of ethical conduct, fairness in all court proceedings, and a consistent understanding of and appreciation for the art of trial practice. This may be demonstrated in the manner in which he or she conducts proceedings (trial court) or in which he or she handles the review of such issues (appellate).

Professional Achievement

Given each year to a graduate who has distinguished himself or herself in his/her profession, legal or otherwise. This award is primarily designed to recognize a particularly noteworthy accomplishment in a given year, but may also be given to one who has achieved and sustained an extraordinary level of excellence in a particular area of the law or their chosen field.

Community Service

Given each year to a graduate who has provided outstanding leadership in his or her local community, state, or even the nation, to aid and benefit causes not necessarily related to the legal profession (although it may be). This could be through exceptional volunteer work in civic organizations, or leadership in advancing a project to benefit others.

Young Professional

Given each year to one who graduated within the past 10 years, and who has distinguished herself or himself professionally, in her or his community, or in some other fashion. For this category in particular, please be sure your nomination form or letter provides specific information to help the Board evaluate the nominee’s achievements.