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Judicial Clerkships

State and federal judges in Kentucky usually do not have paid summer positions, but they may allow a student to volunteer or work there under UK Law’s judicial internship class. Former Judge Jennifer Coffman supervises the judicial internship class, so if you have questions about the class feel free to consult her.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs can put you in contact with Judge Coffman.

Full-time positions with state judges in Kentucky do not follow a set hiring period. A cover letter and resume are normally all that is initially required to apply.

The hiring process for full-time positions after graduation with federal judges is different than for state court judges. If you are interested in this process, please contact Career Development.

If you are interested in a state judicial clerkship in another state, Career Development subscribes to the State Guide to Judicial Clerkships, an online resource that is a compilation of application procedures for every state. Please see the CDO TWEN site for the link and password to this resource. The CDO TWEN site also contains other helpful web links to the state and federal judiciary.