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Law 902 Kentucky Refugee Ministries Externship

2 Pass/Fail


This externship develops students’ interviewing, counseling, fact-gathering, legal planning and legal research skills under the supervision of the Immigration Attorney in the Lexington office of Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Inc. (KRM). KRM assists refugees who have been legally admitted to the United States as victims of warfare or other forms of persecution because of their religious or political beliefs. Students will be expected to meet with potential and existing clients, perform initial and subsequent client interviews, prepare legal research products on assigned topics, and attend staff meetings and legal proceedings. Students will assist their supervising attorney in all areas related to the representation.

RECOMMENDED: Preference will be given to students who have taken Law 919 (Immigration Law) and who are fluent in French or Spanish or have worked with an interpreter. Enrollment is upon application only; limit is one student per semester.


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