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Law 904 Federal Administrative and Tax Research



Federal Administrative & Tax Research will expose students to the research skills used in many areas of the executive branch. The primary pedagogical method in this class will be simulations of realistic problems faced by lawyers in the various administrative agencies or lawyers challenging those agencies.  This specialized research course will reinforce the legal research skills developed in the 1L year and expand those skills by applying them to specialized departments within the Executive Branch. Students will work collaboratively (in class) and individually (on assignments) to hone their skills in issue spotting, time management, searching for sources, evaluating sources, synthesizing data garnered from sources, and communicating their results.  This course will consist of brief lectures, hands-on simulations in class, brief practice problems to be completed outside of class, reading assignments, and three out-of-class research assignments. Administrative Law is a recommended course, but it is not required.


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