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Law 908 The Law and Business of Intellectual Property Management



This is a broad course covering, from the perspective of the in-house IP manager or executive, the critical areas of IP portfolio management in a variety of business settings in the global economy, including methodologies to evaluate, value, and create value from that IP. The course will first adopt a macro lens, covering market participants and dynamics, course of dealing, policy shifts and contemporary thinking related to IP.  Next, adopting a micro lens, the course will teach principles of IP portfolio development, protection, and strategic management, focusing on patents and addressing copyrights and trademarks where applicable.  The class will explore IP management from preliminary asset development to stages of portfolio maturation and disposition, including business, legal, and policy considerations at each step.  Various perspectives will be discussed, such as: law and economic theory surrounding IP management, invention disclosure, product-IP mapping and protection, corporate culture and approval processes relative to IP, international relations, technology transfer and licensing, mergers and acquisitions, asset divestitures and monetization, patent litigation, the rise and use of intermediaries, regulatory agencies and anti-trust matters related to IP, reorganization and bankruptcy, taxation of IP assets, and more.  The class will also discuss the role and importance of valuation, and the critical component that it plays for lawyers in patent litigation damages, patent licensing, and executing other IP transactions.  With the help of real world cases and other academic pursuit, the course offers a blend of theory, models, and empirical knowledge of what works, what doesn’t and what to know in the creation and strategic utilization of intellectual property in a global business environment. 

This course may be taken to satisfy the substantial writing requirement with the consent of the instructor​.

Prerequisites: Business Associations (Law 851) and Intellectual Property (Law 935).


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