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Election Law with Joshua A. Douglas

October 13, 2016
By: Research

This podcast features Joshua A. Douglas, the Robert G. Lawson & William H. Fortune Associate Professor of Law at the UK College of Law. He talks about his research and his new book “Election Law Stories.”

The book, co-edited by Douglas, has 13 chapters that tell behind-the-scenes stories of major cases in the election law world. These stories highlight the litigants, the lawyers, and the lower court judges. “I think it’s a good book for the general public—someone who’s interested in learning where voter ID laws come from, or what actually happened in Bush v. Gore, or how the Citizens United case actually got to the Supreme Court. It does so in a way that’s accessible to both law students, college students and the general public.”

Douglas talked about how rewarding it is to work with the students at the UK College of Law, and how a group of students showed him how much of an impact he was making in their education. “A bunch of students came to me and said they wanted to start a new student group called the Election Law Society, where they can put on events and bring in speakers,” said Douglas. “That was so rewarding for me as a professor to see the students embracing my field of scholarship, my teaching, and wanting to do more with it outside of the classroom.” For more on the UK College of Law’s Election Law Society, visit their blog: