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The Election Law Society Analysis Blog A Huge Hit

Election Law Society Group Photograph

Members of the Election Law Society and Professor Josh Douglas spent approximately eight hours on November 4, 2014 covering potential legal issues arising during the tabulation of the election results and posting stories in real time regarding these issues on their analysis blog.

The blog, staffed by upwards of 30 Election Law Society members and Professor Douglas, received traffic from 45 of the 50 states and visitors from at least four foreign countries including Japan and Australia. In a five-day period, more than three thousand visitors landed on the blog.

On the day of the blog launch, the New York Times website published an op-ed piece by Professor Douglas:“The Vote You Save May Be Your Own.”

3L student, Aubrey Vaughan, wrote an article for the blog entitled, "Will Rand Paul Have to Choose Between Running for the Senate and the Presidency?” Her article was linked in a Washington Examiner article on November 8th, in which UK College of Law Professors Scott Bauries and Josh Douglas were also quoted.