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UK Law’s Albertina Antognini Selected to Participate in Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum

May 27, 2016

University of Kentucky College of Law Assistant Professor Albertina Antognini has been selected to participate in the 17th Annual Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum, to be held at Yale Law School on June 28-29, 2016. She will present her paper titled, “Defining Nonmarriage.”

Prof. Antognini’s paper analyzes how the law treats couples who engage in sexual, affective, and economic relationships outside of marriage by looking at how courts distribute property when the individuals separate.

“Now is a particularly interesting time to address nonmarital relationships: while Obergefell prompted increased attention on marriage and marriage equality, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to forego marriage entirely,” said Prof. Antognini.

Prof. Antognini, who joined the UK Law faculty in 2014, is the first tenure-track junior faculty member at the UK College of Law to be chosen for this prestigious honor.

The Forum's objective is to encourage the work of scholars recently appointed to a tenure-track position by providing experience in the pursuit of scholarship and the nature of the scholarly exchange. Meetings are held each spring, rotating among Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. Twelve to twenty scholars (with one to seven years in teaching) are chosen on a blind basis from among those submitting papers to present. The goal is discourse both on the merits of particular papers and on appropriate methodologies for doing work in that genre. The Forum also hopes to increase the sense of community among American legal scholars generally, particularly among new and veteran professors.

Congratulations Prof. Antognini!