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Women’s Law Caucus Members Attend Ms. JD Conference

Law Students at Ms. JD Conference

Women’s Law Caucus members Ashley Adkins, Shannon Leahy, Ally Miller and Megan Pigman attended Ms. JD: Passion Forward, the Sixth Annual Conference on Women in Law, held at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, February 21-22, 2014.

It was the first year members of The Women’s Law Caucus attended the conference and the 3L students were ecstatic about the opportunity. They hope that this will be the start of a yearly tradition for the student organization.

“The timing in our 3L year was great!” exclaimed Megan Pigman, President of Women’s Law Caucus.

At the conference, the women heard from many phenomenal keynote speakers, but Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, really encouraged and helped motivate the College of Law students to take part in conference activities.

“Even though the conference leaders were powerful women, they were refreshingly down to earth and authentic,” said Pigman.

On day two of the conference, the women learned how to own up to accomplishments through an enlightening activity: writing about themselves in third person. They were taught networking skills, food etiquette, and the importance of wearing a name tag on the upper right side. They received feedback on how to improve every step of the way.

“Overall I was pleasantly surprised on how practical the conference was,” said Pigman.

It was stated that when a woman is taught something, she usually turns around and teaches four other women the same thing. One of Pigman’s long-term goals is to help bring a women’s law conference to her home-state of Kentucky.