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About UK Rosenberg Law

The University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law is a small, self-contained college of just under 400 students, with a consistently small student-faculty ratio that enables us to offer a personalized legal education. UK Rosenberg Law provides a close-knit atmosphere in addition to having all the advantages of a major university campus – cultural events, campus facilities, tickets to NCAA sporting events, and student activities – and the numerous amenities of living in Lexington. Our resident and nonresident tuition rates are competitive nationally as evidenced by being ranked the Best Value Law School by National Jurist Magazine in 2014.


​First-Year Curriculum:

As a first-year student UK Rosenberg Law, you will have a required course of study which provides the basics for the study of law. These courses introduce you to the fundamentals and serve as the foundation for other classes. Below is a short description of the first-year curriculum.


First Semester

Torts: Most tort cases deal with someone seeking money from someone else for an injury to a person or damage to property. The course includes assault, battery, false imprisonment, products liability, negligence, and many other occurrences that lead to lawsuits. (4 hours)

Contracts I: The study of bargain and exchange. This course discusses the formation, performance, and breach of contracts in the common law and in the sale of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code. (3 hours)

Civil Procedure I: The study of the rules governing civil lawsuits, particularly jurisdiction, venue, pleading, and the application of state law in federal courts. (3 hours)

Criminal Law: The law of crimes and associated defenses. (3 hours)


Second Semester

Property: The study of the rights of ownership. It includes future interests, gifts, and land easements. (4 hours)

Contracts II: Contracts continued; discovery, pre-trial motions, jury trial, and post-trial motions. (3 hours)

Civil Procedure II: Civil Procedure continued; performance, conditions, repudiation, and impossibility. (3 hours)

Constitutional Law I: The study of the judicial interpretation of the Constitution, the federal system, powers of the national government, and limitations on the exercise of state powers. (3 hours)


Legal Research & Writing

In addition to the courses listed above, you will participate in a 4 hour Legal Research and Writing class. In Legal Research, you will learn the ins and outs of how to use the Law Library and internet resources. In Legal Writing, you will learn how to write a memo and a brief, as well as present an appellate argument.


Basic Skills Seminars

Also during the first-year, UK Rosenberg Law provides instruction and support in a variety of one hour seminars taught by faculty, each a different skill that will be useful in law school and in your career.