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tessa davis

Tessa Davis is an associate professor of law specializing in taxation and tax policy at the University of South Carolina School of Law. Davis focuses her research on the ways in which tax law and policy are influenced by cultural context. Her research interests include the intersection of tax with many different areas of law, including immigration law, family law, law and technology, and health law. Her scholarship has appeared in many respected journals, including Denver Law Review, the Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law, the Florida State University Law Review, the Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender, the Florida State University Journal of Transnational Law & PolicyKentucky Law JournalOregon Law Review, and the George Mason Law Review

Prior to joining the faculty at the University of South Carolina, Davis was a visiting assistant professor at Tulane University Law School. She earned an LLM in Taxation in 2012 from New York University School of Law and received her JD from Florida State University College of Law, where she graduated Order of the Coif.  While at NYU, Davis received a 2011 Tannenwald Award for Excellence in Tax Scholarship for her article “Reproducing Value: How Tax Law Differentially Values Fertility, Sexuality & Marriage” (Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender, Fall 2012). She also received the Florida State University Law Review award for “Outstanding Student Piece of the Year” for an article focusing on international law. Davis graduated from Davidson College with a BA in Anthropology, and received an MSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics.

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