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mike Murray presenting


UK J. David Rosenberg College of Law faculty recently attended the Ninth Annual Applied Legal Storytelling Conference at The City Law School of City, University of London held July 26 - 28, 2023. The conference examines the use of stories, storytelling, or narrative elements in law practice, legal education, and the law. It brings together academics, judges, practitioners, and others in the legal community. 

Professor Michael D. Murray, an expert on artificial intelligence and the law, presented Dystopia or utopia, freedom through disruptive innovation or enslavement in traps of fraud and greed – Telling the Legal Narratives of Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace and the Metaverse. He spoke about how artificial intelligence will change the legal world, and explored how a legal storyteller should prepare to tell the narratives of AI, cyberspace, and the Metaverse. Murray discussed the competing views of current issues regarding the ownership, copyrightability, and fair use of generative AI, and examined competing narratives in the cyber world and growing metaverse regarding AI-assisted innovation vs. enslavement by surveillance and algorithmic control, and whether AI will empower or overwhelm human self-actualization.

Professor D’lorah L. Hughes served on the Conference Planning Committee and as the representative from the Clinical Legal Education Association.

d hughes

Lainie Crouch Kaiser, a former visiting professor at UK Rosenberg Law, also attended.