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This externship will allow the student to obtain familiarity with legal practice in support of a federal agency.  Students will be asked to support a wide range of legal tasks related to the decontaminating and decommissioning of former nuclear facilities in Paducah, KY and Portsmouth, OH.  A primary focus of this externship will be action planning and implementation aimed at the resolution of environmental liabilities existing at both sites under a range of environmental statutory structures including CERCLA, RCRA and the Atomic Energy Act.  Students will gain experience in assisting with representations made by the federal government attorney in regulatory interactions with both state (e.g., Ohio EPA and Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection) and federal (e.g., U.S. EPA) agencies.  Practical legal experiences may also include exposure to areas of legal practice beyond environmental law, including procurement, contracting, real property, and contractor human relations.

PREREQUISITE: Environmental Law (concurrent enrollment OK)