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This seminar addresses current topics in commercial, bankruptcy, or consumer law, and provides an opportunity for students to round out their experience by performing in-depth research on a topic of their choosing within this area. The first part of the course will provide an introduction to some interesting and emerging areas of bankruptcy, commercial, and consumer law, with an emphasis on areas that are covered only briefly in other courses at the law school. Topics will vary each year but might include consumer protection and access to justice issues, international/cross-border financing, law and technological change, and the dynamics of law reform. Students will then choose a topic to explore in more depth, either from among the topics discussed in the early part of the course or from other related issues that interest the student, writing a paper and presenting their research findings to the class. Depending on availability, guests from outside the law school may attend some classes and provide an opportunity for students to learn from and interact with experts in the relevant fields.

Prerequisite: Either one of the following: LAW 885, Bankruptcy Law or LAW 882, Secured Transactions

901-002 Seminar: