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This externship develops students’ litigation, counseling and research skills under the supervision of the Litigation Director of the Lexington office of the Children’s Law Center, a 20-year-old foundation based in Northern Kentucky. The Center  provides direct representation to children involved in high conflict custody cases, to children who are victims of sexual abuse and must be a witness in criminal proceedings, to children with disabilities in educational matters, and children who are homeless or have other dependency issues. Students will assist their supervising attorney on these cases. Students will be expected to work at least 100 hours during the semester, in addition to classroom time discussing substantive law, roundtable discussions and case status conferences. Enrollment is limited to three students.

Practice in court in this externship is only open to students who are eligible for admission to the Kentucky bar under Supreme Court Rule 2.540, the limited student practice rule. A student is eligible for admission under this rule only if, at the time the course is taken, the student will have completed 60 hours of law study (59 hours for students who will be receiving credit for co-curricular courses). Students registering for this course must complete and have notarized a legal intern application form prior to the end of the examination period preceding the semester for which the student will be taking the course The application is available on the law school website (under “Current Students”) and from the Registrar’s office.