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This course provides an introduction to appellate practice and procedure in federal court. This course is designed to provide students the basic substantive knowledge and skills needed to advocate effectively in a federal court of appeals. The course begins with a discussion of the function of the court of appeals and the function and the determination of whether to appeal, including the effect of an appeal. The course discusses initiating and perfecting an appeal from state and federal courts, relief pending appeal, and the record on appeal. The course provides an intensive training in appellate skills and includes written and oral assignments. The writing assignments include the preparation of a notice of appeal, a brief, and various motions, including a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and a motion for panel or en banc rehearing. The course also provides a comprehensive study of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, including the standards and procedures for obtaining a writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court, and the local rules of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, including electronic filing. The course includes instruction on oral advocacy, mock arguments on the briefs, and the options and procedures for obtaining further review of an adverse appellate decision. In addition, federal practitioners and federal appellate judges will be invited to discuss appellate advocacy. This course may be used to satisfy the College of Law’s Professional Skills Requirement OR Substantial Writing Requirement (but not both).