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This is a survey course on the legal regime of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which stands at the center of the current international debate about “globalization” and has triggered protests (and worse!) from Seattle to Doha. The course will examine, among other things, the legal structure of the WTO, dispute settlement, most favored nation and national treatment principles, trade in services, trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, and linkages/conflicts between trade regulation and environmental protection, labor standards and other important areas of domestic policy. In addition, depending upon the class’s interests, we will focus on one or two “hot topics” in international trade law chosen from such areas as the threat of globalization – myth or reality; the North-South divide over trade in agricultural products; national restrictions on importation of genetically modified organisms; the availability of patented pharmaceuticals in least developed countries; and “cultural” limits on trade in audiovisual products such as films, videos, and television programming. The grade will be based on a final examination, with a paper option for highly motivated individuals.