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This is a three-hour survey course on the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In this course, we will study and discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s major decisions relating to non-establishment and the free exercise of religion. Specific areas of coverage will include: tax exemptions for religious organizations; provision of public services through such organizations; presentation or display of religious text and iconography on public property, including public schools; legislatively granted exemptions from generally applicable laws for religiously based conduct; similar judicially imposed exemptions; constitutionally grounded actions to rectify discrimination on the basis of religion; and judicial management of cases involving intra-denominational disputes. The grade will be based primarily on a final examination.

PREREQUISITE: Constitutional Law II (Law 822). Transfer students who have not completed Constitutional Law I (Law 820) during their first year may take Constitutional Law II concurrently with this course.