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The clinical experience is open only to students who qualify under the third-year practice rule. The clinic provides third-year law students with a unique opportunity to advise, counsel, and represent needy clients on a variety of legal matters. Under the Kentucky Supreme Court=s legal internship rule and supervision of the clinic director, students represent clients in negotiations with federal and state agencies, in administrative hearings or in court proceedings. Students also interview clients, draft legal documents, file pleadings, and conduct discovery. Students must complete eight to ten hours of clinical work per week throughout the semester. Students enrolled in the course for the first time earn three credits and receive a grade for the course. The clinic director may permit up to two students who have taken the course in one semester to take the course again for two pass-fail credits. These students assist the clinic director in providing supervision and assistance to other students.

This externship is only open to students who are eligible for admission to the Kentucky bar under Supreme Court Rule 2.540, the limited student practice rule. A student is eligible for admission under this rule only if, at the time the course is taken, the student will have completed 60 hours of law study (59 hours for students who will be receiving credit for co-curricular courses). Students registering for this course must complete and have notarized a legal intern application form prior to the end of the examination period preceding the semester for which the student will be taking the course The form is available on the law school Intranet (under “Student Resources”) and in hard copy from the Registrar’s office.