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Paul E. Salamanca graduated from Dartmouth College in 1983 and Boston College Law School in 1989, where he was a note editor for the Boston College Law Review and a member of the Order of the Coif.

Professor Salamanca served as a law clerk to Judge David H. Souter of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and subsequently clerked for Justice Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court. He practiced law with the firm of Debevoise & Plimpton in New York from 1991 to 1994 and was a visiting assistant professor of law at Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans before joining the faculty at the University of Kentucky College of Law in June 1995.

From 2019 until 2021, Professor Salamanca served as a Senior Counsel and then as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) of the United States Department of Justice.  His duties included supervision of the Natural Resources and Land Acquisition Sections of ENRD.

Professor Salamanca writes in the areas of separation of powers, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and privacy. He has published articles on these subjects in the University of Cincinnati Law Review, the Missouri Law Review, the Georgia Law Review and the Kentucky Law Journal, among other places.


  • Constitutional Law
  • Federal Jurisdiction


  • Law 836 Law and Economics
  • Law 961 Moot Court
Scholarly Articles

Scholarship is available for download at Paul E. Salamanca's SelectedWorks page.

  • Another Look at Skelky Oil and Franchise Tax Board, 80 Alb. L. Rev. 53 (2017).
  • Snyder v. Phelps: A Hard Case That Did Not Make Bad Law, 2010 Cato Sup. Ct. Rev. 57 (2010-2011).
  • The Legislative Privilege to Judge the Qualifications, Elections, and Returns of Members, 95 Ky. L.J. 241 (2006-07) (with James E. Keller).
  • Video Games as a Protected Form of Expression, 40 Ga. L. Rev. 153 (2005).
  • The Constitutionality of an Executive Spending Plan, 92 KY. L.J. 149 (2003-04).
  • The Liberal Polity and Illiberalism in Religious Traditions, 4 Barry L. Rev. 97 (2003).
  • Quo Vadis: The Continuing Metamorphosis of the Establishment Clause toward Realistic Substantive Neutrality, 41 Brandeis L.J. 575 (2003).
  • Choice Program and Market-Based Separationism, 50 Buff. L. Rev. 931 (2002).
  • Some Realistic Thinking about Secular Effects, 29 N.M. L. Rev. 227 (1999).
  • Constitutional Protection for Conversations Between Therapists and Clients, 64 Mo. L. Rev. 77 (1999).
  • The Role of Religion in Public Life and Official Pressure to Participate in Alcoholics Anonymous, 65 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1093 (1997).
  • Brief of Amicus Curiae ID Software LLC in Support of Respondents, Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Ass'n, 564 U.S. 786 (2010) (No. 08-1448).
  • Motion for Leave to File Brief and Brief of the National Taxpayers Union, the Nevada Manufacturers Association, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation, Americans for Limited Government, Americans for Tax Reform, The Club for Growth, Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc., The Nevada Motor Transport Association, The Retail Association of Nevada, and the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners, Angle v. Guinn,  541 U.S. 957 (2004) (No. 03-1037).
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