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If you are looking for employment outside of Kentucky, please contact Career Development and we will try to obtain reciprocity for you with a law school in the area of your job search. If reciprocity is granted, you may be able to access job postings from the law school in the area of your job search.

You will need a letter of reciprocity from UK Law to the law school of interest to you. According to nationwide reciprocity policies, Career Development may only obtain reciprocity for you from one law school.

If you would like for Career Development to request reciprocity for you, please send an email to Joan Yocum containing the following information: your name, your name as it was in law school if your name has changed, your email address, your home address, your cell phone number, your graduation date from UK Law, and the law school you would like us to contact to attempt to secure reciprocity. Please list two alternate law schools in your email, in case reciprocity is denied by the initial law school.