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The goal of the Business Law Society (BLS) is to make sure that members have opportunities to hear about business-law related educational opportunities and careers, and have chances to socialize and network. BLS focuses on expanding networking opportunities with law firms, general counsels, and bar associations.

Additionally, the organization will assist students in developing leadership abilities and practical business skills through various speaker panels and training sessions.
Keep an eye out for these exciting new programs hosted by BLS this year:

  • Speaker events: speakers include UK College of Law faculty and alumni, and other professionals.
  • Litigation and Transactional Drafting competitions: internal competitions aimed at giving students a taste for litigation and drafting and negotiating a deal.
  • Mentoring Sessions: 2L and 3L students assist 1L and 2L students by mentoring them through the rigors of law school and in the search for employment.
  • Alumni Mentor Program: 1L students are paired with alumni mentors to help jump start their networks and learn from their mentor’s experiences.

2022-23 Executive Board

President: Robert Dean

Vice-President: Mary Jocelyn

Secretary: Zach Mills

Treasurer: TJ Kormanis

Alumni Chair: Jordan Kamp