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  • How do I know if my organization is registered with the University? 

    • ​You can check to see if your organization is currently registered or needs to be re-registered by going to Follow their step-by-step process, and contact with any questions!
    • You will need to share this link with your faculty advisor - they must log in with their linkblue ID and password. If your advisor has served in this role for multiple years, they may see pending submission(s). They will need to "create a new submission" and submit in order to complete this step.
  • How can my organization get funding to help with an event? 

    • Please see the Co-Curricular Activities/Extra-Curricular Activities Funding Request page to learn how to access funds from the College of Law, and for what purposes the College of Law can provide funding.
    • Additional funds may be available through grants from the UK Student Government Association. For availability of funds for your organization, please contact SGA or your College of Law Senator. 
    • If you have any additional questions about funding for your student organization, please contact Assistant Dean Wright.
  • How can I reserve space for my organization's meeting or event?

    • ​To reserve space in the Law Building, please log on to Be sure to provide as many details about your meeting or event as possible.
      • Please make every effort to submit your request as soon as you know the details of your event. Waiting until a week or less before your event may result in your request being denied.
  • How do I get my organization's event on the College of Law's events calendar?

    • Once your request for space is approved, your meeting/event will be placed on the College of Law's events calendar at This page is updated daily.
  • Who can help my organization promote our events, activities, and accomplishments?

    • ​For event promotion or promotion of your group's activities or accomplishmentsplease contact Shawntaye Hopkins, Director of Marketing & Communications for the College of Law. 
    • If you would like to have digital flyers rotating on the screens throughout the Law Building, please contact Shawntaye Hopkins
    • For event planning, please contact Alyssa Thornton, Director of Special Events. 
  • How can my Organization get a Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN) to set up a bank account?

    • Law student organizations should contact Assistant Dean David Wright or e-mail the Student Organizations and Activities Office at with questions about obtaining an EIN. 
    • The University of Kentucky does not maintain accounts or manage funds for almost all student organizations.
    • The University of Kentucky does not maintain student organization EINs. This is the responsibility of each organization.