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UK OUTLaw is a safe, welcoming place for law students of all gender identities and sexual orientations to come together to discuss LGBTQ issues in the law.

President: Lilly Coiner

Vice-President: TC Housman

Secretary/Director of Social Media: McKenna Schrage

Treasurer: William Baird

Director of Community Outreach: Kara Legg

2L Representatives: Madison Westermeyer, Anthony Bradley

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mark Kightlinger

For dates on events and more information, please visit: 

UK OUTLaw website

UK OUTLaw on Facebook*.

* The expressed opinions, informational content and links displayed on student organization Web pages do not necessarily reflect a position or policy of the University of Kentucky or UK College of Law.  No official endorsement by the University of Kentucky or UK College of Law of the viewpoints expressed on student organization Web pages should be inferred.


Contact Information:


University of Kentucky 

Room 84, College of Law 

620 South Limestone Street 

Lexington, KY 40506-0048