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2014-2015 Judicial Conversation Series

Chief Judge Tracey Wise

The University of Kentucky College of Law hosted Chief Judge Tracey Wise from the Eastern District of Kentucky United States Bankruptcy Court on October 22 as part of the College of Law’s 2014-2015 Judicial Conversation Series. Judge Wise met with members of the Women’s Law Caucus for breakfast and discussed challenges she faces in her judiciary role as a female in a predominantly male position. She encouraged the Women’s Law Caucus members to continue pursuing their dreams, whether it’s practicing law or becoming a judge, and assured them it is possible to balance family and career.

Following her breakfast, Judge Wise joined retired Chief Judge Jennifer B. Coffman in the Courtroom for an open forum. Judge Wise shared how she went from graduating law school into practice, then deciding to open her own practice in Lexington with another female, focusing primarily on bankruptcy.

She explained her appointment as Chief Judge in the Eastern District of Kentucky’s Bankruptcy Court. She gave students a day-in-the-life perspective and shared how technology continues to make her work more efficient. The forum ended with Judge Wise fielding questions from students.

Judge Wise’s visit is part of the UK College of Law’s Judicial Conversation Series. The purpose of this series is to provide thoughtful and engaging interactions between distinguished members of the judiciary and law students. Previous speakers have included Kentucky Supreme Court Justices Minton (Chief), Abramson, Cunningham, Noble, Scott, and Venters, and U.S. Tax Court Judge Joseph Goeke. Judge Coffman serves as facilitator for the Series.

Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will continue the 2014-2015 Judicial Conversation Series on February 18.