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August 19, 2016
By: Research

Richard Ausness is the Associate Dean for Faculty Research and the Everett H. Metcalf Jr. Professor of Law in the UK College of Law. He came to UK in 1973. He has published more than 60 articles on products liability, trusts and estates, environmental law and water law.

He talks about research in law as boiling down to picking out a topic in your field of specialization, doing research, writing about it and publishing law review articles. Ausness says, “In the last three years, I've been writing more in the trusts and estates area. Even though people have been writing in that area for a hundred years, there’s always a new perspective on something that’s old. One of the areas that I have written a fair amount in that area involves trust protectors, who are people that supplement the activities of a trustee and have certain powers that the trustee may not have.”

In this podcast, Ausness explains the importance of research and writing to law scholarship and practice and how the College of Law can contribute to the UK research enterprise.