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Law Research with Sarah Welling

September 1, 2016
By: Research

Sarah Welling is the Ashland-Spears Distinguished Research Professor of Law and the Laramie L. Leatherman Professor of Law. Her research focuses on criminal law and she has consulted with Congress and the CIA on money laundering.

"One of my earliest and most successful publications was on money laundering," Welling says, specifically a form called "smurfing" that started at the height of the drug wars. She admits the colorful name peaked her interest.

Welling's current work focuses on jury instructions for the Federal 6th Circuit: Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. "It's about the substance of what's criminal and what's not. It's taking really formal, complex, legal concepts and translating them into terms that a jury can absorb. And that's fun for me," she says, because she likes to work with language.

In this podcast, Welling talks about the engaged faculty and passionate student community at the UK College of Law and how law scholarship impacts society.