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Melynda Price Honored with Teaching Award

Congratulations to Professor Melynda Price, the recipient of the 2013 Duncan Teaching Award at the College of Law.

Professor Price is the Robert E. Harding, Jr. Associate Professor of Law. According to her students, Professor Price's classroom teaching is outstanding. Not only do the students enjoy her in the classroom, they also see Professor Price as embodying many of the values we hope our students take from law school. Typical of the student comments about Professor Price is the following:

“Professor Price is an excellent instructor. She lectures briefly, but always ensures that points brought out during questioning are made explicit to students. She has a wonderful dry wit and students will definitely pick up her mannerisms. She is a great role model for female law students. She is confident, collected, and strong. She embodies much of what young female law students should aspire to be. I wish she taught more civil law classes in the upper tier classes. I feel like there is much more that I could learn both professionally and personally from her. She is a huge presence at the law school.”

In addition to teaching, Professor Price has regularly performs a number of service functions at the College of Law, such as serving as faculty sponsor to the the Women's Law Caucus, chairing the current faculty appointments committee, and assisting with the Kentucky Legal Education Opportunity (KLEO) Summer Institute. She is also very active with the African and Africana Studies Department in the College of Arts and Sciences, organizing University-wide conferences and gatherings.

The Robert M. and Joanne K. Duncan Faculty Improvement Fund was established in 1982 to promote outstanding teaching performance at the College of Law. Every year, a College of Law faculty member is recognized for excellence in the classroom.