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April 11, 2016

Brian L. Frye, Assistant Professor of Law at the UK College of Law, has been selected by the University of Houston Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law (IPIL) to receive the 2016 Sponsored Scholarship Grant (SSG) for the Legal Academy.

The IPIL SSG Program is designed to facilitate newly-authored scholarship in specific areas of IPIL within the legal academy. For 2015-16, the focus is Copyright, Entertainment, Media, Art and Sports Law.

To qualify for this honor, Professor Frye submitted a statement of interest and qualification status, a detailed curriculum vitae, an article proposal (including a proposed table of contents and an article preview between 500 and 750 words) focusing on the article’s claim or perspective and the supporting rationale, and copies of selected prior articles.

Professor Frye proposed an article titled “Intellectual Property as Charity,” in which he will argue that intellectual property and charity law are similar and complementary, because both are intended to increase public welfare by solving market failures in public goods.

This year’s SSG award carries a stipend of $5,000, which will be awarded upon publication of Professor Frye’s article.

“Sponsored research is how you build your credentials in the academy and promote the academic reputation of your law school, which are reasons why this highly competitive program was of interest to me,” said Professor Frye.

Professor Frye joined the UK Law faculty in 2012. He teaches Civil Procedure, Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Nonprofit Organizations, as well as a seminar on law and popular culture. His research focuses on intellectual property and charity law issues affecting artists and arts organizations, among other things.

Congratulations Professor Frye!