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November 24, 2015
By: Whitney Harder

With two weeks to go before their final exams, University of Kentucky law students needed to take a break and relieve some stress. It wasn't hard to do with a lobby full of puppies on Monday.

The "Dog Days of Finals" event, hosted by the Christian Legal Society, a UK College of Law student organization, offered law students the chance to play and cuddle with puppies from Kentucky SAVE, an animal rescue organization who brought the playmates to campus.   

"We choose puppies as a means to bring some joy to our classmates because dog is man’s best friend and puppies are so ubiquitously adored," said Joseph Brown, member of the Christian Legal Society. "Kentucky S.A.V.E. is also an organization that promotes adoption of these puppies and many of them actually find permanent homes because of this event."

Brown's friend fell in love with a puppy at the event two years ago and adopted her. He hopes another adoption takes place this year.

Puppies, and pets in general, have been shown to provide sensory stress relief.

"One can discern from the students’ reactions that Puppy Day is a wonderfully therapeutic experience for people under so much stress," Brown said