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Salamanca Receives Ducan Teaching Award

Professor Paul Salamanca is the recipient of the 2015 Duncan Teaching Award at the College of Law.

Salamanca is described as professional, engaged in student success, and always willing to participate in events outside of the classroom. He plays a significant role in advancing the law school’s moot court efforts and developing practical skills in the law students who compete nationally in competition.

Every year, a College of Law faculty member is recognized for excellence in the classroom, courtesy of the Robert M. and Joanne K. Duncan Faculty Improvement Fund – established in 1982 to promote outstanding teaching performance at the College of Law.

Professor Salamanca’s students say he “seems to be an encyclopedia when it comes to Constitutional Law and the pertinent American history affecting it.” His students respect that he asks tough questions and makes students think critically. “There were no softballs,” one student said. However, Professor Salamanca is willing to help students work through the tough questions and demonstrated a personal investment in student learning. “It’s evident that Prof. Salamanca actually cares about the quality of the learning done in his course. He was quick to respond to any questions and [was] always available.”

It is evident by the comments the administration received, Professor Salamanca is a professor who is respected and valued among students and faculty colleagues alike.