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UK College of Law Professor on KET

Professor Salamanca

Professor Paul Salamanca appeared on the June 23rd edition of Kentucky Educational Television (KET) program "Kentucky Tonight" as part of a panel discussing Campaign Finance.

The panel argued four main questions that make up the campaign finance debate:

  • Are corporations people?
  • Is money speech?
  • Does money influence outcomes?
  • What is the role of the press?

Professor Salamanca joined the UK College of Law faculty in June 1995. He writes in the areas of separation of powers, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and privacy. He has published articles on these subjects in the University of Cincinnati Law Review, the Missouri Law Review, the Georgia Law Review and the Kentucky Law Journal, among other places.

Other panel members included Joy Arnold, chair of Central Kentucky Move to Amend coalition, Richard Beliles, state chair of Common Cause Kentucky, and Christopher Thacker (UK Law ’06), president of the Central Kentucky Lawyers Chapter of The Federalist Society.

The program that aired June 23rd on KET can be viewed here.