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On Wednesday, May 19, the University of Kentucky College of Law held its fifth annual Developing Ideas Conference.  Richard Ausness, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Professor of Law at UK College of Law, spearheaded the 2015 Conference.

The one-day conference brought together untenured and recently tenured faculty from across the nation to share their developing ideas in an informal, supportive and engaging environment. The participants were divided into four groups of four or five persons. Each participant made a short presentation, which was followed by comments from the rest of the group.

This year’s participants included:

  • Jamie Abrams (University of Louisville)

  • Bradley Areheart (University of Tennessee)

  • Christine Bartholomew (University at Buffalo)

  • Emily Berman (University of Houston)

  • Thelma Harmon (Texas Southern University)

  • Todd Haugh (Indiana University)

  • Kristen Hazelwood (University of Kentucky)

  • David Kwok (University of Houston)

  • Cortney Lollar (University of Kentucky)

  • Agnieszka McPeak (University of Toledo)

  • Melinda Molina (Capital University)

  • Michael Morely (Barry University)

  • Lauren Newell (Ohio Northern University)

  • Guy Rub (Ohio State University)

  • Jennifer Shinall (Vanderbilt University)

  • Emily Suski (Georgia State University)

  • Chris Walker (Ohio State University)

  • Justin Walker (University of Louisville)

UK College of Law faculty and discussants included Richard Ausness, Marianna Jackson Clay, Nicole Huberfeld, and Richard Underwood.

Mary J. Davis, Stites and Harbison Professor of Law at UK College of Law, started the conference with a regional focus for participation in 2011. Professor Nicole Huberfeld, H. Wendell Cherry Professor of Law and incoming Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, expanded the conference in 2013 to include faculty throughout the nation.