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UK Law Student Organizes First ABA Leadership Conference

October 25, 2016

Jordan Dye, a second-year law student at the University of Kentucky College of Law, recently organized the first American Bar Association (ABA) leadership conference for the 6th circuit, held on October 15 in Columbus, Ohio.

Dye, who has served as the ABA 6th Circuit Ambassador (a liaison between SBA Presidents, ABA Representatives, and the ABA) since July, brought the idea of a leadership conference to Circuit Governor, John Weber. Weber then gave him the task of both planning and implementing his idea. He reached out to campus leaders to inquire whether the conference sparked any interest. It quickly became clear that the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas was the perfect plan.

The ABA 6th Circuit Leadership Conference brought together 15 campus leaders to learn about the benefits the ABA offers to both practicing attorneys and current law students. Leaders attended various sessions throughout the one-day event including: a general information session about the ABA that focused on the benefits of membership and information about the upcoming mid-year conference; a roundtable discussion dedicated to talking about upcoming events and resolutions for common campus issues, such as parking for graduate students and involvement in student organizations; a skype session with guest speaker Kareem Aref, Chair of the Law Student Division for the ABA, who informed attendees about the structure of the ABA and the benefits of holding a national position; and a session with guest speaker Jaiza Page, a local attorney and councilperson, who discussed her experiences and the importance of both networking and seeking leadership positions.

"My favorite part of the conference was meeting the different ABA Representatives and SBA Presidents from across the circuit,” said Dye. “I really enjoyed getting to hear these leaders collaborate with each other and discuss events for the upcoming year.”

In addition to the conference, leaders attended an informal meet and greet the evening before. Though this was the first 6th circuit leadership conference, Dye hopes to make it an annual event.