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This seminar will address current topics in health law and provide an opportunity for students to round out their health law experience by performing in-depth research and writing in this discipline.  In this course you will write and present a paper on a topic in healthcare law, meaning you will have an opportunity to perform in-depth research and to experience an intensive and supervised writing process in the health law discipline.  The point of this seminar and its subject paper is not to survey an area of health law; instead, it is to become an expert on one particular problem through an individual, self-chosen research project.  You will also practice writing well by following a strict schedule to organize your thoughts and then learn about critique by presenting your topic to an audience (skills that all lawyers must develop).  Students may use this course to fulfill the substantial writing requirement. 

PREREQUISITE:  Students must have completed either Healthcare Organizations and Finance (Law 830) or Bioethical Issues in the Law (Law 831) before enrolling in this seminar.