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The University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law undertakes a "full-file" review of each candidate's application file through the work of the Admissions Committee, which is typically comprised of faculty members, the Director of Admissions, and a current student.  Each file receives a full initial read from a voting member of the Committee followed by Committee discussion.  Other members of the Committee may read the file in addition to the initial reviewer.   


In reviewing files, considering applicants, and measuring academic potential for admission to the College of Law, the Committee often begins with applicants' undergraduate grade point average as well as performance on the Law School Admission Test.  Other factors include but are not limited to writing skills as demonstrated in the students' statement(s), the trend of undergraduate or other graduate grades, letters of recommendation, and work or other experiences while an undergraduate and, when applicable, between graduation from college and law school application.  Data from other schools as well as the experience of Admissions Committee members and the College of Law's past analyses suggest substantial correlation between law school performance, admission to the bar, and these factors.