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UK/CLE is the premier publisher of legal materials in the state of Kentucky. In collaboration with some of Kentucky's most prominent practitioners and legal scholars we are pleased to offer practicing attorneys the following handbooks, monographs, and compendia for purchase. Our publications are the result of thousands of hours of legal research and invaluable practice advice from members of the Kentucky Bar. Our publications are a must-have for the Kentucky practitioner and are both a valuable and necessary addition to any legal library.

We also offer electronic editions of almost all our publications as downloadable PDF. This provides increased interactivity, searchability, and portability, bringing an extra level of value to our already high-quality publications.

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Refunds, Exchanges, Credit Vouchers, and Shipping

UK/CLE will happily refund your publication purchase or exchange it for one of equal value within 30 days of purchase. Up to 60 days after your purchase, we will gladly issue you a credit voucher in the same amount. Credit vouchers expire one year after they are issued and may be used for any self-study CLE program, live CLE program, or publication offered by UK/CLE. No refunds, exchanges, or credit vouchers will be issued after 60 days. Returned publications must be unmarked, in new condition.

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Most Recent Publications

*Prices do not include 6% Kentucky sales tax. Sales tax must be added at the time of your order, if applicable.

Kentucky Estate Planning

Handbook, 5th ed., December 2023
$135.00* Softcover
$135.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF set

Initial Contact with the Client; Lifetime Gifts: Outright, In Trust, and Non-Traditional Giving; The Basic Will; Advance Directives; Power of Attorney; Overview of Federal Estate Tax and Kentucky Inheritance Tax; Revocable Living Trusts; Irrevocable Trusts; Charitable Planning; Special Needs Trusts; Business Succession Planning Issues; Estate Planning with Insurance Issues in Mind; Long-Term Care Planning Using Medicaid; Planning with Retirement Benefits; Miscellaneous Provisions in Wills and Trusts; Annotated Will and Trust; Post-Divorce Planning; Index; 680+ pages.

Kentucky Intestacy Law

Monograph, 2d ed., 2023
$80.00* Softcover
$80.00* PDF
$125.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Descent of Realty & Distribution of Personalty; Source & Nature of Law Governing Intestate Succession; Choice of Law; Digital Assets; Family Protection Devices; Homestead Exemption; Personalty Exemption; Pattern of Intestate Inheritance; Shares of Intestate Takers; Representation; Degrees of Relationship; Status Affecting Inheritance Rights; Posthumous Heirs; Adoptive Heirs; Out-of-Wedlock Heirs; Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Surrogacy; Half-Blood Heirs; Step Heirs; Alien Heirs; Conduct Affecting Inheritance Rights; Homicide; Adultery; Bigamy; Divorce; Suicide; Transactions Affecting Inheritance; Advancements; Releases & Assignments; Marriage Contracts; Disclaimers; Ancestral Property; Statutory Appendix; Index; 240+ pages.

Kentucky Appellate Practice & Procedure

(Note: This title was written contemporaneously with the Kentucky Supreme Court’s adoption of the Rules of Appellate Procedure and released simultaneously with their implementation.)

Handbook, 1st ed., 2023
$135.00* Softcover
$135.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Advising the Client; Overview of Kentucky Appellate Courts; Preservation of Error and Standards of Review; Preparing and Filing Civil and Criminal Appeals and Appellate Bonds; Record on Appeal; Motion Practice on Appellate Motion Practice; Briefs; Oral Arguments; Oral Advocacy; Post-Submission and Post-Opinion Proceedings in Appellate Practice; Appellate Sanctions, Recovery of Costs, & Attorney Fees; Extraordinary Appellate Remedies; Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions; Forms Appendix; Index; 400+ pages.

Kentucky Domestic Relations Practice

Handbook, 3d ed., 2021
$135.00* Softcover
$135.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Kentucky Family Court System; Initial Interview; Marriage & Antenuptial Agreements; Uncontested Divorce; Contested Divorce; Separation Agreements; Classification and Division of Property & Related Financial Issues; Maintenance; Child Support; Child Custody; Dependency, Neglect & Abuse, Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption; Intimate Partner Violence; Guardians Ad Litem & Warning Order Attorneys; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Practice; Ethical Considerations in Family Law; Post-Divorce Estate Planning Issues; Sample Forms; Index; 800+pages.

Guardians Ad Litem

Monograph, 2d ed., 2021
$65.00* PDF Only

Qualifications of the Guardian Ad Litem; Duties of the Guardian Ad Litem; Ethical Considerations for the Guardian Ad Litem; Appointment of the Guardian Ad Litem; Special Considerations for a Guardian Ad Litem; Functions of a Guardian Ad Litem; Legal Training for Dependency, Neglect, & Abuse Cases; Statutory Appendix; 130+ pages.
NOTE: The material in this Monograph has previously appeared in part as Chapter 13 in the third edition of UK/CLE’s Kentucky Domestic Relations Handbook (UK/CLE 2021).

Kentucky Legal Ethics Deskbook – 3 Volume Set

Handbook, 6th ed., 2021
$99.00* PDF Only

Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct (Current); Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct (1990-2009); Kentucky Code of Professional Responsibility (1971-1990); Kentucky Canons of Professional Ethics (1946-1971); Kentucky Code of Legal Ethics (1903-1946); Index to Rules, Codes, and Canons; Kentucky Procedures for Disciplinary Enforcement; Admission of Persons to Practice Law; Provisions for Paralegals; KYLAP; Legal Ethics Research; Practical Resolution of Ethical Questions; Formal Ethics Opinions of the Kentucky Bar Association; Index to the Formal Ethics Opinions of the Kentucky Bar Association; Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinions; Index to the Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinions; Code of Judicial Conduct; Judicial Ethics Opinions; Index to Formal and Informal Judicial Ethics Opinions; Rules of the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission; 1700+ pages.

Elder Law in Kentucky

Handbook, 2d ed., 2021
$135.00* Softcover
$135.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Pre-Planning; The Basic Will; Spousal Rights; Power of Attorney; Advance Directives; Intestacy; Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Curatorship; Alternatives to Guardianship; VA Aid and Attendance Benefits; Legal Issues Arising from Nursing Home Discharges; Advising Clients on Social Security; Long-Term Care Planning Using Medicaid; Medicaid Appeal Process; Special Needs Trusts; The Kentucky Caregiver Misconduct Registry; Fiscal Exploitation of the Elderly; Ethics for the Elder Law Attorney; Sample Forms; Index; 530+ pages.

Kentucky Estate Administration

Handbook, 6th ed., 2020
$135.00* Softcover
$135.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Initial Steps in Estate Administration; Alternatives to Formal Administration; Intestacy; Probating the Will; Qualification of the Personal Representative; Locating, Collecting, and Inventorying the Decedent’s Estate; Spousal Rights; Claims Against Decedent’s Estates; Management and Disposition of Non-Business Property During Administration; Management and Disposition of Closely-Held Business Property; Distribution of Estate Assets; Administration of Trusts and the Kentucky Uniform Trust Code; Marital and Charitable Deductions and Administration of Estates; Kentucky Inheritance Taxation; Final Settlement of the Estate; Estate Litigation; Compensation of Fiduciaries and Attorney Fees; Issues for Bank Counsel and Trust Administration and Operation; Sample Forms; Index; 680+ pages.

Automobile Insurance Law in Kentucky

Monograph, 3d ed., 2020
$80.00* Softcover
$80.00* PDF
$125.00* Softcover and PDF Set

Liability Insurance; Who is Insured?; Vehicles Covered; Ownership, Maintenance, or Use of an Automobile; Exclusions; Stacking of Automobile Liability Coverages; Dividing Single Policy Limits Among Several Claimants; Cancellation of Liability Coverage; Actions for Extra Contractual Damages from Liability Insurer; No-Fault Insurance; Outline of the Motor Vehicle Reparations Act; Mandatory Amounts; Optional Additional Benefits; Stacking of Reparation Benefits; Medical Expenses; Work Loss; Replacement Services Loss; Persons Entitled to Basic Reparation Benefits; Persons Disqualified from Coverage; Assigned Claims Plan; Calculation of Benefits; Denial of Claims; Subrogation Rights; Attorney’s Fees; Uninsured Motorist Coverage; Exclusions; Setoff; Stacking; Actions for Uninsured Motorist Benefits; Underinsured Motorist Coverage; Right to an Offset; Subrogation; Statutory Appendix; Table of Cases; Index; 170+ pages.

Debtor/Creditor Relations in Kentucky – 2 Volume Set

Handbook, 4th ed., 2020
$175.00* Softcover
$175.00* PDF
$200.00* Softcover and PDF set

Volume I: Handling the Collection Case: Creditors’ Viewpoint; Handling the Collection Case: Debtors’ Viewpoint; Commercial Collection Cases: Special Issues and Concerns; General Theories for Recovery and Remedies; Prejudgment Remedies; Post-Judgment Remedies; Enforcement of Statutory Liens and Bond Claims; Default and Enforcement in Secured Transactions Under Revised Article 9, Index. Vols. 1 and 2 together are 1000+ pages.

Volume II: Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy; Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws and Claims: Regulations and Limitations on Creditors’ Rights and Remedies; State Tax Considerations; Federal Tax Lien Considerations; Claims Against Decedents’ Estates; Collecting from Military Personnel and Other Specially Situated Defendants; Remedies for Real Estate Mortgages in Default; Index. Vols. 1 and 2 together are 1000+ pages.

*Prices do not include 6% Kentucky sales tax. Sales tax must be added at the time of your order, if applicable