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2014 Duncan Teaching Award Recipient Announced

Professor Henke

And the 2014 Duncan Teaching Award goes to…Professor Melissa Henke.

Every year, a College of Law faculty member is recognized for excellence in the classroom, courtesy of the Robert M. and Joanne K. Duncan Faculty Improvement Fund – established in 1982 to promote outstanding teaching performance at the College of Law.

Professor Henke has been invaluable in helping to re-construct the legal research and writing program at the College of Law. When needed, she served as worker bee, cheerleader and counselor for all matters related to the legal writing program. In addition, she has not fallen short in serving her community by doing pro bono litigation, assisting students with trial and moot court practice, and being an all-around good institutional citizen.

According to her students, Professor Henke's classroom teaching is superb and they thoroughly enjoy her. They also see her as embodying many of the attributes that we hope our students model after graduation. Typical of the student comments about Professor Henke is the following:

“Professor Henke is an amazing professor,” one College of Law student commented. “My writing has significantly improved under her instruction and I could not have asked for a better experience. Professor Henke has also been an invaluable resource for more personal mentor type questions about class scheduling, interview process, and life after law school. I feel fortunate to have met her.”

Please join us in congratulating Professor Henke on being named the 2014 recipient of the Duncan Teaching Award.