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Professor Quoted in the New York Times

Scott Bauries

Scott R. Bauries, University of Kentucky Robert G. Lawson Associate Professor of Law, was quoted January in the New York Times article, “Washington Governor Seeks New Taxes as a Court Order Looms.” The article surrounds the proposal Governor Jay Inslee of Washington announced this week to raise $1.4 billion in new tax revenue, with the majority of the funds going toward education. This past September, the Washington Supreme Court held the state in contempt for failing to show how the state will fix the school system after years of underfunding. The Washington Supreme Court is expected to impose a penalty any day now regarding the issue.

Professor Bauries is quoted in the article saying, “I’m still left wondering what a court can do to sanction a coequal branch of government where the sin ultimately boils down to the failure to vote for positive social and economic policy that satisfies the court.”