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Scott Bauries, the Robert G. Lawson Associate Professor of Law, was quoted in a NY Times article regarding “closing the gap” in school funding in Washington state.  An excerpt from the article is below.

Court orders regarding education financing are not new. Kansas is in the midst of one such standoff. High courts in New Jersey and Ohio have also ordered legislatures to meet constitutional requirements. But this order, with a financial penalty imposed by one branch of state government on another, to the tune of $700,000 a week, enters new territory, legal scholars said.

“I’m not aware, ever, of a state supreme court doing this,” Scott R. Bauries, an associate law professor at the University of Kentucky who studies state constitutions and education. “I can’t see any other way of describing it — the court is appropriating funds for the education system.”

The full article can be read here:

His quote was also used in a United Press International story and was featured on and