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Q. Is on-campus housing available for UK Rosenberg Law students?

A. Yes, on-campus housing is available, but most UK Rosenberg Law students choose from many of Lexington's privately-owned apartment complexes and rental units. Most rental housing in Lexington is no more than a 20-minute drive from UK Rosenberg Law. If you would like to look at the on-campus housing options, please contact the UK Graduate Housing Office. UK Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q. Where do most students live?

A. Most UK Rosenberg Law students live in apartment buildings or complexes right around campus, in the Chevy Chase area, or off of the three main streets in Lexington with lots of apartment options: Tates Creek Rd., Nicholasville Rd. and Richmond Rd. Some students live in the apartments owned and operated by UK Graduate Housing More information can be found here:


Q. Where do students live who have children?

A. Lexington is fortunate to have a number of excellent public schools, some of which are located near UK, and others that are in suburban neighborhoods. There are many wonderful magnet programs across the city. UK owns some rental housing (see above) and there are also a number of single-family rental homes near UK that are privately-owned.


Q. When do most students find housing?

A. We survey our current students every spring to provide you with up-to-date housing information. In general, most UK Rosenberg Law students coming from out-of-town find housing in June or July prior to starting law school in August, but there are rental units available in Lexington throughout the year.


Q. How can I best save money on housing?

A. The best way to save money on housing is to share a house or apartment with one or more roommates. In May we send out information on housing that includes a roommate matching form as part of our effort to help you find other compatible roommates.


Q. How can I receive housing information?

A. We will continue to send out a lot of pertinent information to incoming law students throughout the spring and summer months. Please make sure your contact information is current. Once you are admitted, you can log in to the Admitted Candidates site and view the most up-to-date housing information.

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Q. What computing resources are available in the Law Building?

A. The UK Rosenberg Law building has wireless internet access. In the Law Library, there are several computers available for public use. The large study rooms also have computers in them.


Q. Does UK Rosenberg Law require that I purchase a computer?

A. No. UK Rosenberg Law does not require that you purchase a computer for law school. If you choose to purchase a personal laptop that meets UK Rosenberg Law specifications, you can receive an increase in your financial aid budget up to $1,800.00. Please note: Laptop purchases must be made no earlier than August 1 of your enrollment year.

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Q. Does UK Rosenberg Law recommend that I purchase a desktop or a laptop computer?

A. Primarily for convenience, UK Rosenberg Law recommends that students purchase a laptop if possible. Once you are admitted, you can log in to the Admitted Candidates site and view the recommended laptop specifications.

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Q. What forms must I complete to apply for federal financial aid?

A. You must complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to read all instructions carefully and respond accurately to each question. Inaccuracies or incomplete answers will delay processing of your financial aid request. When you complete the FAFSA, list the University of Kentucky in Step 6. The University of Kentucky's Title IV code is 001989.


Q. Is anything required of me besides the FAFSA?

A. No. Because of a national student financial aid database, law students no longer are required to obtain a Financial Aid Transcript from each post-secondary school previously attended. The only exception to this is for students who transfer to UK Rosenberg Law in the middle of the academic year.


Q. How do I add UK Rosenberg Law to my FAFSA if my initial application already has been filed?

A. To add UK after your initial application has been filed, wait to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) and then either: 1) Call the federal processor at 1.800.433.3243 or 2) login in to the FAFSA and add the University of Kentucky in Step 6. The University of Kentucky's Title IV code is 001989.


Q. What are the deadlines for applying for federal financial aid?

A. To be eligible for Perkins Loans or Work Study funds, you must complete and return the FAFSA by the March 15 priority deadline. There is no deadline to apply for Direct Loans or Graduate/Professional PLUS Loans however, the later you apply, the later your application will be processed. In all cases, it is best to have your application in by the April 15 priority deadline.


Q. What happens after my FAFSA is complete?

A. After submitting the FAFSA you will receive an email notification confirming the application has been processed. You may log in to your FAFSA to review and/or change information. The FAFSA determines an estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that is used to determine your eligibility for financial aid. The UK financial aid office will put together your financial aid package and will notify you when the awards can be viewed in the financial aid section on the myUK portal. Sometimes additional information may be required for us to complete the application process. The UK Office of Student Financial Aid (SFA) will contact you, but the status may be viewed under the documents tab in the financial aid section on the myUK portal.


Q. When will I hear about my federal financial aid award?

A. You will receive acknowledgment from the Central Processor after you submit your FAFSA. Review the data and make corrections if necessary. You will receive notification from the UK SFA Office when your financial aid award is available on the myUK portal. If you receive a Perkins Loan, you will receive an email from Campus Partners after you have accepted your loan with instructions for completing the required entrance counseling and promissory note online. If you receive a Federal Direct Loan, you must complete required entrance counseling and the electronic master promissory note online at All federal financial aid is credited to your student account to pay your UK charges. Any credit balance will be direct deposited to the checking account you designate.


Q. What if the award is not enough?

A. Many students can fund any remaining balance in their student budget with federal Graduate/Professional PLUS loans. Depending on the status of your credit history, you may need a cosigner to receive Graduate/Professional PLUS funds. If you have unusual expenses not covered by the budget, you may contact your financial aid counselor to appeal the standard budget that is used in the calculation of your eligibility for assistance. You must document your expenses and provide receipts, and if allowable your award may be adjusted. For example, the purchase of a laptop can be documented and your award increased by up to $1800.00 or the actual cost of your laptop, if lower.


Q. How will I receive my financial aid funds?

A. Please visit Student Financial Aid: How Aid Credits Your Account for the most complete information. All financial aid is credited to your student account to pay your UK charges. Any credit balance will be direct deposited to the checking account you designate. The earliest to expect a refund is the week classes begin if your aid exceeds your university charges AND you have completed all requirements. You may go to myUK, then to Financials and then Financial Aid. The documents tab will tell you if requirements are incomplete. Other requirements include: All aid must be accepted, you must be registered as a full-time student, first time Direct Loan borrowers must have completed Entrance counseling at and the electronic master promissory note at Electronic signature of the Master Promissory Note requires the pin number assigned to you by the federal government when you completed the FAFSA. The loan will not be released until after all requirements have been satisfied.

In the event of any unexpected delay, it is best to plan to have funds from your own resources available to pay for books and supplies, off-campus rent, meals, and other incidental expenses during the first three weeks of the semester.


Q. Do I have to reapply for financial aid funds for each year of law school?

A. Yes. Because eligibility for federal student aid does not carry over from one award year to the next, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each award year in which you are or plan to be a student. Your eligibility for financial aid can differ from year to year for various reasons, including your family’s financial situation and the number of your family members enrolled in college. You can access your renewal FAFSA online here, and should complete the renewal as soon as possible after January 1.


Q. Whom should I contact if I have any other questions about financial aid?

A. You first should contact the UK student financial aid office. Contact information can be found here: If they are unable to assist you, you may contact the Admissions Office at or call 859.218.1699, and we will try to help.

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Q. What health insurance options are available for UK Rosenberg Law students?

A. Your student fees include use of UK's Student Health Service for walk-in treatment, doctor's appointments and related services. Coverage for hospitalization, surgical procedures and accident care are not covered by the health fee however, hospitalization insurance and other coverage is available for an additional charge. You will receive information regarding UK Health Services that describes in more detail the medical services available to you as a UK student, as well as the hospitalization and other coverage you may purchase.


Q. Will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect my choice in health insurance?

A. Maybe – all UK health insurance plans meet the minimum requirements of the ACA, but for more information, click here.

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Q. When do I need to decide about applying to one of the dual degree programs?

A. You can decide to apply to one of UK Rosenberg Law's four dual degree programs as late as spring semester of your first year of law school. If you are thinking about a dual degree program, you may want to take the GMAT or GRE, as applicable, over the summer because you may not have time to prepare during law school. It is also possible that the other program will waive the GMAT/GRE requirement based on your admission to UK Rosenberg Law, but you will need to contact that program to inquire. Also, keep in mind that if you wait too late to apply, the other program may be full. You cannot be considered a dual degree student if you apply to the other program after completion of your first year of law school.

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Q. When can I purchase my books and start preparing for classes?

A. Once you have been notified that your class schedule is available in myUK, you can find you books through the UK Bookstore. We also send out a list of the books needed for all the first-year courses. If you use the book list we send, pay close attention to the different class sections and professors, so you do not end up purchasing the wrong textbook.

More information will be provided about your first assignments closer to the start of the fall semester.

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Q. How can I best prepare for law school over the summer?

A. As our students will tell you, there is not a lot you can do over the summer to prepare for law school. Until you have had law school instruction on how to analyze a case, reading casebooks is really not a very productive use of your time. Our best advice would be to spend the summer with your loved ones or doing things that you love to do. Prepare yourself for a rigorous course of study by developing good habits over the summer (e.g. healthy eating, exercise, relaxation techniques, etc.) that will help prepare you for the rigors of law school.

If you would like to read something law-related over the summer, there is one book that we do recommend, Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success. This book was written by two law professors, Helene and Marshall Shapo, when their son was in law school. It contains some good background information for entering law students, along with advice on note taking, exam preparation, etc. You can order this book from Amazon or other online booksellers.

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Q. What programs does UK Rosenberg Law offer to help me succeed as a first-year student?

A. Over the summer, we send out information about our first-year orientation program, which is held during the week prior to classes. During orientation, you will have the opportunity to learn about reading and briefing cases, note taking, and other skills to enhance your academic experience. Also, you will be able to attend a mock class and participate in our Pinning Ceremony tradition. 

In addition, regular Academic Enhancement sessions are held throughout the academic year on topics such as reading cases, briefing cases, statutory analysis, outlining, and exam preparation.

Finally, at UK Rosenberg Law you should always feel free to stop by after class and talk to any of your professors about material covered in class or any other academic concerns.

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Q. What can I expect at UK Rosenberg Law's Orientation?

A. UK Rosenberg Law's Orientation program is designed as an introduction to UK Rosenberg Law and what to expect in law school. The program will be held the week before classes begin. 

On the first day of Orientation you will be assigned to a small group of 10-15 entering students. You will work with these colleagues throughout Orientation week in small groups and in classroom settings, focusing on learning the skills to help your preparation for the start of law school. You will also have ample opportunities to meet the majority of your classmates. As part of Orientation, you can also expect to meet your first-year professors, 2L and 3L students, and many of our student organizations. At the end of Orientation week, the Student Bar Association (SBA) and other student organizations will hold welcome events for all students.

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Q. What do UK Rosenberg Law students do in their free time?

A. You are assuming that they have any! Just kidding. Of course they do. We find that in the first-year most of our students come to at least some of the social events planned by the SBA and various student groups, such as the football tailgating parties and the infamous Halloween party. During basketball season, many of our students either attend UK men's and women's basketball games or watch them with friends at home or at one of their favorite restaurants.

Staying involved in sports or exercise is a great way to relieve the stress of law school. Many of our students are active in sports or in taking advantage of the many beautiful state parks and national forests near Lexington. Bicycling, hiking, canoeing, running, kayaking, caving, and rock climbing are popular. UK has excellent facilities for tennis, swimming, basketball, and other sports, and there are a number of public golf courses in Lexington. The law school also has several intramural sports teams. UK Rosenberg Law students also have access to the Johnson Center that is home to a running track, climbing wall, and state-of-the art fitness equipment. Keeneland Race Track is a popular destination for thoroughbred racing fans during its fall and spring meets.

The Lexington music scene is typical of that in large college towns, with local groups and national concert tours performing both on and off campus. In addition to the many bars, restaurants, and clubs, there are a number of local cafes, coffee houses, and bookstores that are popular with UK Rosenberg Law students. Moviegoers will enjoy the restored Kentucky Theater downtown, showing second-run, classic and art house movies, as well as many other movie theaters in the Lexington area.

You can find a lot of useful information about Lexington on the Lexington Visitor Center's website.

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Q. Whom can I contact if I have other questions about UK Rosenberg Law?

A. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact UK Rosenberg Law Admissions. If you would like to communicate with a current UK Rosenberg Law student, faculty member, or student organization, we would be happy to help.

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