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In a typical year, the largest percentage of UK Law graduates (45 to 60%) will choose to go directly into private practice, with the next most popular option being a judicial clerkship with a state or federal judge (15 to 30%). The number of UK Law graduates choosing a career in government usually ranges from 5-15% depending upon student interest, as well as state and federal funding for new positions. Graduates also enter careers in public interest, business, decide to pursue an advanced degree, or pursue other areas of interest.  Detailed employment statistics for recent graduating classes are listed below.

When you click the links below for the employment statistics, the documents may take a minute or two to load. If at first your requested document does not load, please click the link again. All links are functioning correctly.

Class of 2023 Employment Statistics (PDF) (most recent data)

Class of 2022 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2021 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2020 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2019 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2018 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2017 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2016 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2015 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2014 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2013 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2012 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Class of 2011 Employment Statistics (PDF)

Please be sure to note that past employment statistics and actual employment are not a guarantee or promise pertaining  to future employment of students and graduates.  Employment statistics are impacted by many factors including the world, national, and local economies.

Note regarding homepage employment ranking

The employment ranking listed on the home page is based on employment data obtained by the ABA nationwide employment reporting deadline. Jobs funded by a graduate's law school/university are excluded. For more information please visit: Please visit our website for the employment summary for the Class of 2022 and other employment information required by the ABA.