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The University of Kentucky College of Law offers a number of joint degree programs with other graduate schools at the University. This unique opportunity enables students to complete a JD and earn a Master’s degree in four years. The JD/MBA program may require an additional semester or summer of study if you have not taken all of the business pre-requisites as an undergraduate.

To become a dual degree student at UK College of Law, you must apply to and be admitted by both the College of Law and the other graduate program. All dual degree students follow one of two tracks: you can either complete the first year of the law program, then complete the first year of the other degree program, and then spend your third and fourth years at the College of Law, with some related courses in the other college; or you can complete a year of study in the other college and then enter the College of Law as a first year student, taking some related courses in the other college during your second and third years of law school. 

Take a moment to explore our joint degree programs and see if one of them is the right fit for you.