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Program of Study

The JD/MHA Dual Degree Program encompasses the combination of the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree from the College of Public Health and the Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the College of Law.

The JD/MHA Dual Degree Program is a full-time program that is completed in four years. The MHA degree alone is a two year, 54 credit hour program. The JD degree alone is a three year, 90 credit hour program. Under the dual degree program, each college would accept nine credit hours earned in the other college, having the student earn a total of 126 credit hours by the end of four years.

Students can complete the dual program in four years, one year less than completing each program individually. Earning a dual degree will make you highly marketable in the job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that health care administration is growing at a rapid pace, as the healthcare industry is one of the largest in the country. More law students graduate from school than there are jobs available and competition is strong. Having a dual degree will give graduates an advantage over other jobseekers and make them appealing to potential employers in both sectors.


JD/MHA Dual Degree Course Track

Year 1 or 2: 30 credit hours of required first-year Law courses

Year 1 or 2: 33 credit hours of required MHA core courses

Years 3 & 4: a) 48 credit hours in the College of Law (49 credit hours if a two-credit capstone is selected under subsection (c)) including the following required for graduation: LAW 835 b) 10 credit hours of remaining required MHA courses c) In addition, a shared elective course (2-3 hrs) from a provided list.


Contact Information

College of Public Health

Dr. Julia Costich

Director of Admissions: College of Law

Jimmi Nicholson