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UK Board of Trustees Approves Design Phase of UK Law Building Campaign

University of Kentucky College of Law is given approval to move forward to the design phase of the building campaign

Dear Law School Community,

I am pleased to announce the UK Board of Trustees has approved the next phase of renovating and expanding the UK Law building. During the “design phase” of the project, the University will retain an architecture firm to create a detailed vision of what the future of UK Law will look like.

This project goes beyond a building.  This project is about investing in the law school’s future, the success of its students, its impact on the public’s understanding of legal issues, and its engagement in law reform. We now move forward with this wonderful opportunity to visually demonstrate the excellence and tradition of the institution that is UK Law. I would like to personally thank those individuals and law firms who have made generous gifts towards the building initiative, helping us reach this important milestone.

As we celebrate this milestone in the building campaign, it is important to remember that we still need alumni support.  I hope you will take the time to give serious consideration to what your personal involvement will be in the building campaign.  This is a unique chance to show your support for, and faith in, UK Law. 

Thank you for your continued support in this journey towards our new law school building. We are one step closer.

Dean David A. Brennen